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Jun 17, 2009
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June 17, 2009

Ohio lawmakers pass first step toward stopping the federal

Pro-life groups congratulate law makers for this first victory in the process

   COLUMBUS, OH-JUNE 16, 2009-Kudos to several Ohio State senators who are taking a stand against the so called federal "Freedom of Choice Act."

   A resolution (SCR 6) introduced by Ohio State Senators Grendell and Buehrer and co-sponsored by Senators Coughlin, Gibbs, Schffer, Seitz, Wagoner, Schuring, and Faber, passed out of The Senate Health, Human Services and Aging Committee yesterday. The Christian Citizen USA joins the Ohio Christian Alliance, (OCA) and other pro-life organizations in Ohio, thanking the committee for passage of this resolution.

   OCA President Chris Long and CCN-USA editorial board members, said, "This resolution will go a long way to send a message to those members of Congress and to the Obama administration that the people of Ohio that value life will not sit idly by while abortion supporters on the federal level seek to strike down every common-sense regulation and restriction on abortion that the states have passed over the years, including the partial birth abortion ban, informed consent laws, waiting periods, parental consent and notification laws, health and safety regulations for abortion clinics, and limits on public funding of elective abortions, to name a few."

   Reportedly, there are over 550 state and federal laws restricting abortion. If enacted, the"Freedom of Choice Act" would nullify all of these common-sense restrictions and regulations on abortion that have been thoughtfully considered and enacted by our officeholders over the years.

   S.C.R. 6 states that FOCA "is a radical attempt to enshrine abortion-on-demand into American law, to sweep aside existing laws that the majority of Americans support, such as requirements involving fully informed consent, parental involvement, and that licensed physicians perform abortions, and seeks to prevent states from enacting similar protective measures in the future".

   The resolution also describes FOCA as "a cynical attempt to prematurely end the debate over abortion and declare 'victory' in the face of mounting evidence that the American public does not support the vast majority of abortions being performed in the United States each year and that abortion has a substantial negative impact on women".

   Committee members voting the Pro-Life position FOR S.C.R. 6 were: Chairman Kevin Coughlin; Steve Buehrer; Karen Gillmor; David Goodman; Kirk Schuring; and Jimmy Stewart.

   Committee members voting the Pro-Abortion position AGAINST S.C.R. 6 were: Ray Miller; Sue Morano; and Shirley Smith.

   The Editorial Board of the Christian Citizen USA urges members of the Ohio Senate and House to overwhelmingly support SCR 6, Ohio's resolution to stop FOCA.

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