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Jul 12, 2005
 A Public Declaration of Principles and Intentions – A Manifesto

Jun 3, 2005
 Understand My Muslim People

Jun 3, 2005
 America’s Education Nightmare:

July 12, 2005

A Public Declaration of Principles and Intentions – A Manifesto

Review by Ron Cooper Founder Ark Foundation

   Where do our ideas come from about how we should think, act, live, educate, legislate, fight, love, communicate, or learn? Do the best ideas always get taught? Have you ever said, “I wish I knew then, what I know now?”

   The present day intelligential leadership is increasingly following the principles and intentions stated within: The Communist Manifesto 1847; the Humanist Manifesto I 1933; and the Humanist manifesto II 1973.

   Another declaration of principles and intentions is found in the book, A Christian Manifesto © 1981, by Francis A. Schaeffer. In its ten charters is the history of where Christian leaders went astray and what the narrow window is that we have left. In a few words, this series will review a focused history through the solutions possible from the foremost Christian intellectual of the past century.

   We’ll start with the obvious. Bad news travels fastest and it is the gradual shift in the fundamental way people in America view and think about the world. It’s called our worldview and the term may be new to you. It is simply the “eye glasses” we unconsciously interpret everyday events. At one time it was a Biblical worldview with morality, laws, education, the arts, news, family, money, well – everything. Now it is toward something completely different.

   Today we eat, drink, play sports, have fun, and work hard, even going to church based upon the idea that the final reality is impersonal matter or energy shaped into its present form by impersonal chance. It goes under many guises and names. You may know it best as one of these: Liberal, spin, relative truth (an oxymoron statement), gap theory, theistic evolution, myths and stories, assumed truth, philosophy, definitional science, and many more.

   Join us again as we continue this news in perspective series.

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